Register of Gaming Licenses

Register of Gaming Licenses

Welcome to our web page which lists all the gaming licenses authorized and issued by Anjouan Corporate Services, the only authorized agent for gaming license applications in the jurisdiction of Anjouan Comoros. Our licenses are duly authorized by the offshore finance authority of Anjouan, ensuring that our licensing process adheres to the highest standards of transparency and accountability.

At Anjouan Corporate Services, we are committed to providing a reliable and efficient licensing process for online gaming operators. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you through the application process, ensuring that all necessary requirements are met, and that your license is issued in a timely and efficient manner.

Our licensing process is designed to ensure that gaming operators in our jurisdiction operate in a fair, safe, and transparent manner. We have established a comprehensive regulatory framework that includes measures to prevent fraud and money laundering, and we regularly monitor gaming activities to ensure that they are in compliance with our requirements.

By obtaining a gaming license from Anjouan Corporate Services, you can demonstrate to players that your gaming operation is trustworthy and legitimate. Our licenses are highly respected in the online gaming industry, and they provide a clear indication of your commitment to operating in a responsible and transparent manner.

We are proud to provide licensing services to a wide range of online gaming operators, and we are committed to ensuring that our licensing process remains up-to-date with the latest industry trends and technological advancements.

If you are interested in obtaining a gaming license in our jurisdiction, please contact us to learn more about our licensing process and requirements. Thank you for considering Anjouan Corporate Services for your licensing needs.

Company Name Licence Number Company Number Date of incorporation Action
Velo Entertainment 14769 L14769/VE 5th January 2024 View
AMS Ltd L29751/AMS 29751 11th January 2024 View
QVS Gaming L23124/QVS 23124 27th December 2023 View
Performance Entertainment L27531/PE 27531 4th November 2023 View
Limmerick Gaming L29080/LG 29080 3rd October 2023 View
Pro X Ltd L21879/PX 21879 18th January 2024 View
Hertfield Ltd L23156/HLTD 23156 1st February 2024 View
CasinoInc L19845/CI 19845 25th June 2024 View
C-Ventures Ltd L18645/CV 18645 19th September 2023 View
Bingford Entertainment Ltd L18986/BE 18986 26th March 2024 View
TheGamingCo Ltd L24531/TCO 24531 9th November 2023 View
Xpo Entertainment L24587/XPO 24587 25th April 2024 View
TheSlots Ltd L19845/TS 19845 19th November 2024 View
Ardvark Entertainment Ltd L27897/AE 27897 17th November 2024 View
HSS Gaming Plc L29567/HSSG 29567 28th November 2024 View
Westland Casino’s L21111/WC 21111 28th November 2024 View
SA Gaming L18977/SA 18977 28th December 2024 View
Slotland Gaming S.A 21268 L21268/SESA 16th February 2024 View
Orange Dawn Technology L17009/OD 17009 28th February 2024 View